06 April 2008

Part 2 - Installing MetaTagger

See http://support.interwoven.com/library/manuals/metatagger/html/411/mt.410.admin/install3.html

Installing MetaTagger
The instruction for installing the MetaTagger Server are below:

1. Download the base release MetaTagger software (metataggerverxxbuildxx.exe) from the support site with your login account. Note that this base release already comes with Administration, MetaTagger and Studio server component.
2. Follow the instruction here to obtain license key and install it on the server for Windows OS.
3. Go to http://hostservername:9080/ciadmin/ and login as "admin" for both username and password (default user name)
4. Change password for default admin user and add appropriate users to MetaTagger (Click here for more instructions)

Configuring MetaTagger
For further reading, see http://support.interwoven.com/library/manuals/metatagger/html/411/mt.410.ref/server_config.html#wp1000069

MetaTagger Architecture
Click here for diagram.

Further reading

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