08 April 2008

TeamSite Search Overview


The primary use of TeamSite Search is to find a file for:

  • view, editing, copying & reuse

  • removing outdated file
  • reporting purposes

  • recovery purposes

There are other reasons why a user would want to use the search facility in TS but the above points are the common reasons for using a search.

Search facility is made up of 2 parts:

  • Index manager/server :- Controls indexing of content. Also uses a document cracker that looks into the content of a file or data record and provide metadata and full search content on it.

  • Search manager/server :- Performs queries on indices and returns the search result to queries. TS interface communicate with the search manager to request searches and to view the search results.

Both index and search server uses query agent, which is a processor use to perform indexing or querying documents.

So for example if you search for a content (case sensitive search), you send a query to the search manager. The search manager scans a search index for files that match your query, and returns a results page. The results page lists matching files in order of relevance.

There are two types of search methods in TS that user can do:

  1. Simple searches :- Before you can initiate a simple search, you must first navigate into an area on a branch
    that is indexed for search. A simple search query returns documents that contain any of your keywords. Phrase matching, wild cards, and Boolean logic—the use of “and”, “+”, “not”, “-”, and other operators in a search query—are not supported by simple search but is supported in advance search
  2. Advance searches

Configuring search
Search engine can be configured by editing either of the 4 files located in iwsearch-home/etc folder

  1. branches.cfg - Config file to tell the index manager which branch is to be index during startup time

  2. search.properties - Config file to tell the index and search server/manager which set of files is to be index when a user submits a set of fiels through TS.
  3. FieldMapping.xml - Allows additional attribute fields that will be indexed by the index manager.

  4. search.xml (located at: iwhome\httpd\webapps\conten_centerweb-inf\conf\search)

NOTE: Any update of the 4 search configuration fiels above will require a server reboot to take affect.

Provide search feature to control which branches will be index - See http://support.interwoven.com/library/manuals/teamsite/html/671/ts.adminwin/search4.html

Provide search feature such as:
  • Partial index

  • Controls how many files are submitted to be indexed at a time

  • Controls which files will not be index

  • Control size of file that will be index

  • Enable/disable index update whenever a file is submitted

See - http://support.interwoven.com/library/manuals/teamsite/html/671/ts.adminwin/search7.html

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