18 March 2008

Part 4 - Introduction to Workflow Modeler

What is a Workflow Modeler?
A Interwoven workfllow modeling tool that allows user to:
  • Create workflow model and validate it
  • Create tasks
  • Draw transitions between tasks
  • Deploy workflow model to TS server

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003

Using the Workflow Modeler

The steps required to begin using the Workflow Modeler are as follows:

  1. Implement a methodology to design a workflow model (analyse requirement, risk, etc..)
  2. Identify the workflow elements discovered during step 1. The elements are: i)workareas ii)files iii)jobs iv) tasks v) transitions vi) variables
  3. Design a workflow diagram based on step 2.
  4. Implement the design from step 3 using Workflow Modeler
  5. Test and debug the workflow
  6. Deploy to TS server

Workflow Model Features

  • Configurable variables
  • Data sources to pull data
  • Support of system variables
  • Scripting variables
  • Conditional execution of tasks [Conditional Link]
  • Global and local scope of variables

Server side enhancements including:

  • Customizable Instantiation Screen using DCT framework
  • Customize workflows for different branches
  • Web view of the workflow from Content Center
  • Current status of the workflow
  • Debug support

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