09 April 2008

Part 4 - Installing TeamSite Front-Office

TeamSite Front-Office (FO) is a interface tool that allow users access to their workarea & TS functionality within Windows explorer or Microsoft Office applications (e.g. MS Word) . FO consists of 2 components:

  • TeamSite Front-Office Server: Works with your TeamSite server to provide a framework for contributing content from development applications directly to TeamSite.

  • TeamSite Front-Office Client: A client-side application that enables content contributors to access TeamSite features directly from their development applications. This component includes the application plug-ins, the TeamSite Briefcase, and the TeamSite Front-Office Configuration Wizard.

Both of these 2 components will need to be installed individually, i.e. FO server is to be installed on the server that runs and host TS. The other is to be installed on the client's machine.

Installing & Configuring Front Office Server
The instruction below will be installign the latest version of FO version 5.6.6 at the time of writing this blog.

  1. Before you install FO server, ensure that all workarea branches and users with their roles has been added into TeamSite and that the users/group has been appropriate permission to access the workarea.
  2. Before you install the FO Windows server, you must have local Administrator
    privileges because the installation process needs to start and stop the iwwebd
  3. Download the FO server and client software from Interwoven support website. TFO_server566Buildxxx.exe & FTO_client566Buildxxx.exe
  4. Install Front -Office server (v5.6.6) on the server that had TeamSite install, by running TFO_server566Buildxxx.exe. Installation path shall be c:\interwoven\TeamSite Front-Office\ folder
  5. Configure users and workarea in iw-home\conf\iwwa.cfg file to give FO user(s)/group access to a workarea.
  6. Configure iw-home\etc\iw.cfg file under "[FrontOffice]" section.
  7. Configure iw-home\local\config\wft\available_templates.cfg file to add out of the box FO workflows (see availiable_templates.cfg.tfo.example) if submit operations from FO triggers a worflow, i.e. iw.cfg had "wf_submit=yes"
  8. Configure index_template.htx if FO auto-index is enabled in iw.cfg. Then copy the index_template.htx file to each directory within a workarea that you want to index.
  9. Reset Teamsite server with "iwreset -a" command in DOS prompt.

Installing and configuring Front-Office Client

  1. Run FTO_client566Buildxx.exe software on each client's machine that will be using FO.
  2. Follow the instruction on the setup screen.

Further reading
1. Front-Office Admin Guide (PDF version)

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