07 April 2008

Part 1 - Intro To Using MetaTagger

MetaTagger is a automated process of tagging enterprise business content with descriptive metadata. How? MetaTagger accomplishes this by generating precise, accurate metadata associated with a particular document. In this way, solutions to business problems can be addressed by better organization and use of an institution’s content.

  • Metadata is useful for organizing, surveying, retrieving, and controlling access to content. It helps transform a loosely content into a efficient library catalog. Well-designed metadata can improve Internet or intranet search capabilities, portal personalization, and content distribution. With MetaTagger, you can tag enterprise assets quickly and consistently.
  • MetaTagger helps transform a loosely-organised content repository into a highly efficient library. MT allows you to share, manage, and resuse electronic content by analysing that content, identifying key concepts and organising that content in customised ways.

Example scanerio

Webcast: MetaTagger 4 Developer Introduction
1. PDF
Video (Download the videio player from webEx site)

Further reading

  • MetaTagger v4.1.1 User Guide (HTML version)

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