17 April 2008

TeamSite Upgrades

TeamSite Upgrades Overiew

The overall plan for TeamSite (TS) upgrades are as follows:

Day 1

  • Perform back up procedures
  • Perform prerequisite requirements
  • Upgrade TeamSite and OpenDeploy (OD) with latest patch for TS and OD
  • Apply new licenses

Day 2

  • Upgrade TeamSite Search
  • Configure TeamSite Search
  • Fix any upgrade issues
  • Re-run toolkit.ipl for any UI customization

Day 3

  • Check accounts and permissions
  • Check basic functionalities works in the new upgrade of TS
  • Perform system testing
  • Test form publishing (DCT, DCR and PTs)
  • Test workflows
  • Test OpenDeploy and Data Deploy
  • Test View->My local files
  • Fix any issues found in testing

Day 4

  • Reserve day for fixing any upgrade issues

Bug upgrade report for TS v6.7.1 with SP1
There is a bug report with using VisualFormat editor in TS v6.7.1 Service Pack 1. When a user previews a Data Capture Form that has a text area field using Visual editor, an error pop up page will appear. Use TinyMce instead of using VF as a work around solution.
Latest patch installer for TS v6.7.1 SP1 has glitches with previewing a Presentation Template on the TS server that runs with a Semantic Anti-virus. Skip the step for installing the latest TS patch.


  • Back up the entire hard drive of where TS server and Search server was installed (e.g. if TS was installed at c:\interwoven, then backup the entire c drive).
  • Back up the entire iw-store. If iw-store was stored in a separate partition drive, then back up that entire drive.
  • Get Administrator login account details from the client.
  • Get Interwoven support login account from the client.
  • Notify TS users of outage.
  • Disable all antivirus software/services temporary on the TS and search server (if any), particularly if server has a Semantic virus running, as it will cause problem with new TS installations or upgrades (See knowledge article xx)
  • Check and confirm what current version of TeamSite is installed on all the server boxes that will be upgraded. This is done either by:
    Control panel->add/remove program; or
    Check iw-home\iwinstall\iwov-inventory.xml file
  • Download the relevant TS installation package software from Interwoven support website.

Upgrade instructions
The existing TS.lic license key used for TS v6.5 file would still be valid and useable after the upgrade. So there is no need to generate a new TS license key.

The upgrade path for various TS version on Windows OS is as follows whether the upgrade was on the same or on a different server box:

TS v6.5 upgrade path

  • Upgrade from v6.5 to v6.5 SP 2 (if haven’t done so)
  • Upgrade from v6.5 SP2 to v6.7.1
  • Upgrade from v6.7.1 to v6.7.1 SP1
  • Install only latest patch for v6.7.1 SP1

TS search v6.5 upgrade path

  • Upgrade from Upgrade from v6.5 to v6.5 SP 2 (if haven’t done so)
  • Upgrade from v6.5 SP2 to v6.7.1
  • Upgrade from v6.7.1 to v6.7.1 SP1

OD upgrade path

  • Install OD Base Server v6.1.1
  • Install OD Admin Server v6.1.1
  • Apply latest patch to OD server
  • Install OD receiver v6.1.1
  • Apply latest patch to OD receiver
    *Note: OD v6.1.1 is more stable to install than v6.2

TeamSite Upgrade steps
1. Download the following installer from Interwoven support site:

  • TS v6.7.1 installer
  • TS search v6.7.1 installer
  • TS v6.7.1 SP1 installer
  • TS search v6.7.1 installer
  • Patch update for v6.7.1 SP1

2. Login as Administrator on the TeamSite server machine
3. Backup all configuration files (*.cfg and xml files)
4. Manually stop all TS services and set them to manual on start up
5. Confirm step 4 by going to DOS prompt and type “netstart amore” and look for Interwoven port number
6. Manually stop all IIS
7. Install TS v6.7.1

  • Select “mssql” checkbox and select the SQL JDBC driver file (*.jar) from iw-home\TeamSite\eventsubsystem\lib folder
  • Select “No” for don’t overwrite existing jmsconfignew.xml file

8. Reboot server
9. Log into TeamSite via the internet browser and make sure that you can successfully login in
10. Run iwaccessmigrate with –m & -bg –n parameter
11. Run “iwreset –a”
12. Login into TS to ensure that TS is running after performing step 10
13. Manually stop all the TS services
14. Install TS v6.7.1 SP 1
15. Install the latest patch

  • Manually stop all TS services
  • Run the patch installer

16. Reboot server and login to TS to ensure that it is running
17. Check that event subsystem service is running
18. Decide whether the client will be using either TinyMCE or VisualFormat editor for published form.

  • If using VisualFormat (VF) editor, there is a required additional step to install client visual format on the entire client’s machine that will be using published forms. Location of visualformatclient.exe installer is found at C:\Interwoven\TeamSite\httpd\iw\ewebeditpro20\clientinstall folder. You can customize the VisualFormat toolbar by editing the visualformatconfig.xml file at iw-home\httpd\iw\ folder. (for more information read Form Publisher Developer Guide 6.7.1 release PDF doc)
  • If using TinyMCE, the advantage is that it is already installed with TS because it’s a Java app. However VF is more powerful than TinyMCE. The toolbar can be customized by editing custom_config.js

19. Run script (toolkit.ipl) to migrate any customize UI (if there are any UI customization)


  • Read the installation log file at c:\iwinstall\log folder for any unsuccessful installation
  • Read TS server log file iwtrace.log at iw-home\teamsite\local\logs folder
  • Read iwutid_cmdout.log file for any PT error message provide iwutild.cfg file debug mode enabled

TS search server upgrade steps
Note: If the search v6.5 was installed on a separate server box, then upgrading the TS server can be done independently without needing to wait for TS upgrades. So to save time TS Search upgrades can be simultaneously run in parallel with TS upgrade.

  1. Run TS search v6.7.1 installer on the search server box and install it at c:\interwoven\search folder
  2. Locate and enter the TS server host. Ensure that you can firstly ping the TS server host name to confirm that both search server and TS server box can communicate and ping each other
  3. Locate the shared file system. Usually at iw-home\new folder (create a new folder)
  4. Check that the search service are running
  5. Install the search v6.7.1 SP 1
    * Manually stop the search service
    * Run the installer
  6. Reboot the server
  7. Check that all search services (i.e. Interwoven TS Search & Index) are both running
  8. Configure the search
    * Edit iw-home\cssdk\cssdk.cfg file: Uncomment
    # search.server.host: localhost
    # search.server.port: 6720
    # search.server.maxConnectionLimit: 10
    * Edit iwseach-home\etc\branch.cfg file and add the branches that you want to index
    * Restart search and index services (Stop in order search and index. Start index and then search service)
    * Run CTL:
    iwndxlistbr - Display the list of branches that are index
    iwndxrefreshbr -b /default/brachname…
    iwndxrefreshbr –I /default/branchname.. (Incremental update on real time)

OD upgrades steps
Upgrade the following OD v6.1.1 in this order below.

  • OD base server
  • OD admin server
  • OD receiver server

1. Get a OD license key

  • Go to DOS command
  • Run java -cp od-home/lib/odng.jar com.interwoven.license.LicInfo
    -f output-file -p OD
  • Login the Interwoven support site and go to the OD generate license key webpage
  • Enter the server information generated into the form and submit it

2. Back up a copy of all files from iw-ODhome\config and etc folder.
3. Download v6.1.1 of OD base, admin server and OD receiver installer from Interwoven support site.
4. Stop all previous version of OD services
5. Run the OD base installer. Install it at c:\interwoven\ folder
6. Choose “upgrade” select box from the installation dialog screen
7. Follow the installation instruction on the screen to install it
8. Check the email that will receive the OD license key file
9. Copy OD.lic to iw-ODhome\etc folder
10. Reboot server
11. Check that OD base service is running (i.e. 62 services). If not, then restart it and set to automatic startup

12. Run the OD admin installer on the same server box that had OD base installed in step 5 and follow its instructions
13. Reboot the server
14. Ensure that OD admin server is running

15. Apply latest patch for OD server. Read the README.txt for further instructions on installing the patch. Basically the instruction will instruct you to:
* Stop all OD services
* Run the patch installer
* Update the registry
16. Reboot the server
17. Check that all OD services are running. If not then set OD services to automatic and start the OD Interwoven services (i.e. AccessService, UI admin and 62 services)

18. Run the OD receiver installer on the other receiver server box
19. Choose “upgrade” option box from the installation dialog box
20. Apply latest patch to OD receiver
21. Get OD receiver license key

Post installation

  • Enable the Symantec antivirus is back up and running after the whole TS installation package have been installed. Set the antivirus services back to automatic start up.


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