07 April 2008

Part 3 - Installing OpenDeploy


  1. Ensure that the server that will have OpenDeploy install meets the system requirement according to the release note.

  2. If OpenDeploy is installed on a Windows OS, ensure that you DOS-compatible 8.3 format file names is enabled. Click here for further instructions.

  3. Ensure that NO other windows application is using RMI registry port 9173, because OpenDeploy will by default uses port 9173 and will need to run this port alone. There will be conflict issues if other non-Interwoven product uses port 9173. Search for port "9173" in the Windows registry system and in the file system to check if other applications uses this RMI port.

  4. You must have Administrator privileges to install OpenDeploy on your Windows server.

  5. Close all other open applications before installing OpenDeploy software on your
    Windows server.

  6. You must close the Services window (not just minimize it) prior to installing
    OpenDeploy on a Windows host. Otherwise, the Windows registry keys will not get
    updated properly.

  7. Go to Interwoven support site (you must have an existing support account), login and download the 3 latest release vesrion of OpenDeploy, i.e. Base server software(IWOVopendeployBaseFull.6.x.x.x.x.Buildyyyyy.Windows.exe), Receiver software(IWOVopendeployRcvr.6.x.x.x.x.Buildyyyyy.Windows.exe) & Administration package software(IWOVopendeployAdmin.6.x.x.x.x.Buildyyyyy.Windows.exe)

  8. Teamsite is already installed on the server.


OpenDeploy (OD) has 3 software components, each of which must be installed on the
appropriate server. Here are the components:

  • Base server software - this is the software which controls the management of
    deployments on the source server. This software permits the OpenDeploy server to
    send and receive deployed files.

  • Receiver software - this is the software that must be installed on each server
    designated only for receiving deployed files. Servers with the base server software
    installed do not need the receiver software.

  • Administration software package - Combine software with the reporting server (software for managing the storage and publication of event-based reports) and ContentServices Foundation (CSF) access service(software for authenticating individuals who will access OpenDeploy base servers or receivers through the
    browser-based user interface or web services)

  1. Install the base server software (see PDF link under "Further reading" section below for instructions) on the server. Accept all default values.

  2. Reboot the server.

  3. Install the administration software package. Accept all default values.Then reboot the server again.

  4. Ensure that the 3 OpenDeploy services are running, i.e. Interwoven "OpenDeploy service", "OpenDeploy SNMP" and "OpenDeploy UI Admin".

  5. Open internet browser and login to the UI admin webpage at http://:8081/iw/opendeploy/login

  6. Login using the bootstrap user account (usually the administrator) that was created during the administration installation. **

  7. Add appropriate users who will need access to OpenDeploy admin UI.
  8. Install the receiver software on the destination server that will receive the deployment.
  9. Obtain a license key by sending a request email to Interwoven support (see "How to obtain a license key" for more details)

**Note: If you are having problem logging into OD admin UI, with message saying something like "invalid user and/or password", then check deploy.cfg and look that the bootstrap user and domain name are correct. If not, you can edit/add another valid user from AD/LDAP. Save the deploy.cfg if there are any changes and restart all the 3 OD services.

How to obtain a license
Obtain a batch license activation for OpenDeploy base and receiver servers, i.e. an individual base server license key and receiver licensing. Licensing for OpenDeploy Administration is not required.

  • Base Server license: You can license your OpenDeploy base server software to operate as one of the following options,i.e. i)full feature version with no time limit; or ii)EasyDeploy, a restricted feature version with no time limit. So tell Interwoven Support which license option you want.
  • Receiver License: You must license and activate each OpenDeploy receiver installation. An expired
    receiver will only accept incoming license deployments.

Further reading

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