17 March 2008

Part 2.1.1 - Configurable Workflow Settings

All three configurable workflows share the following functionality:

  • Email Notification

  • Metadata Capture

  • Deployment

The configurable_author_assignment and configurable_author_submit workflows also add the functionality to have submitted files reviewed by a configurable reviewer. The reviewer section of these workflow configuration (.cfg) files is where the email notification system obtains instructions to determine the email address of the reviewer.

Note: The configurable_author_assignment workflow also adds the functionality to attach files to a workflow task.

The general procedure for configuring these options is the same for each of the configurable workflows:

  1. Open the workflow_name.cfg file that corresponds with the configurable workflow you want to implement.

  2. By default, these files are located in iw‑home/local/config/wft/solutions.

  3. Edit the entries that correspond with the functionality you want to enable.

  4. Save and close the file.

  5. Ensure the workflow is activated as described in Enabling Workflows.

The following sections describe each of these options in detail.

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