10 March 2008

TeamSite Roles

A role is a set of allowed permission (e.g. copy, delete, create, etc) that is assigned to each user. Teamsite has 5 "out of the box" default rows, i.e.


  • Content development managers or team leaders. Owners of a branch but not Teamsite admin.
  • Responsible for managing a project that is stored in a branch by creating new workareas for Editors and groups and by creating subbranches of their own branch to explore separate paths of development.
  • Capbilities of an author, editor and reviewer.


  • Roles include: submitting completed work to staging, assign work to authors, edit and create files
  • Approve/rejects work and create new versions by sbubmitting files, merging and reverting.

Purose: Editors are generally "deveoper” users, who primarily supervise the work of Authors, or self-managing “power users", who need extended TeamSite functionality to manage their own content.


  • Primary content creators.
  • All work done by Authors goes through an explicit approval step.
  • They can receive assignments from Editors, which are displayed in task lists when Authors log in to TeamSite.
  • Authors have full access to the content in their Editors’ workareas, but do not need to concern themselves with the larger structure and functionality of TeamSite.

Purpose: The Author role is appropriate for non-technical users or for more technical contributors who do not need access to extended TeamSite functionality, such as advanced version management features.


  • Review content changes and either reject or apporve changes.
  • Browse workareas and review files and forms, search for content, and work with tasks.

Purpose:Reviewer role is a typical manager who's role is to review and check other people's work.


Master users own the entire TeamSite Content Server. They can create new stores and perform all the functions of Editors and Administrators on any branch. They can create or modify roles. The Master user is generally involved in the installation of TeamSite and can reconfigure TeamSite on a system-wide basis.

Users with the Master role have access to the Administration tab within ContentCenter Professional. This allows them to add operating system users to TeamSite, assign groups, create and edit roles, and perform other TeamSite tasks. Most installations only have a few Master users.

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