16 March 2008

Default Workflow Templates

Default Template Descriptions

The following workflow templates are installed in iw‑home/local/config/wft/default:

Template Name
Lets an Editor, Administrator, or Master assign a job to an Author. The assigner selects an author and enters a task description. The assigner also selects a branch and workarea if the job is initiated from the To Do List view. An approval sequence is also included for the author assignment.
Submits content to the STAGING area. This is the default workflow invoked when a user logged in as an author clicks Submit. Includes review/approval task by the owner of the workarea.
Submits a data record to the staging area when an Author clicks Save and Exit in the FormsPublisher window. This automates the submission process, eliminating the need for the Author to initiate the submission manually after creating or editing a data record.
Designed for use with the assign action. It enables a user to assign one or more assets to another user, and then review changes prior to submitting changes to STAGING.
In addition to submitting the files, provides support for pre-submit activities including approval, file type recognition, and user-specific destinations.
Submits content to the staging area. This workflow can be configured for use by Front-Office users when they submit files from the TeamSite Briefcase or from a Microsoft Office application, such as Word.

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